At SUN, impossible is where breakthrough begins. As a socially-responsible, leader in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), Wiring Harness Manufacturing and Injection Molding SUN is unique in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions through its innovative and cost effective systems — all to enhance customer competitiveness and success. Working across three different verticals, SUN is able to unleash the full potential of the excellent supplies to its clients.

What SUN creates is value. SUN is unique in the depth, breadth and scope of the Company. With an unmatched expertise, customers are supported with unprecedented speed in product ramp-up, delivery, and the ability to manage volume regardless of complexity or product mix. Whether high mix/low volume or low mix/high volume, SUN can enable any customer’s success.

At SUN, there is no room for “mediocrity.” If anything, the Company exists to continually test the bounds of what can be expected in terms of designs and processes. Optimization is what SUN does best.

People make the difference. People with passion have an even greater impact. Each member of the Sun team is dedicated to enabling customer success. That is achieved through intense collaboration, passionate customer focus, thoughtful and disciplined execution, a tenacious commitment to continuous improvement and a relentless drive to win.

Culture is the most important sustainable, competitive advantage of any company. The SUN culture is built on commitment — to customers, employees, the communities in which it operates and the environment. Culture drives every aspect of the Company’s success. The culture and business model work hand-in-hand to ensure simplicity, flexibility and above all — sustainability.