Why Join SUN

Our executive leadership team has strategically grown our business by entering new markets, expanding service offerings. Their leadership establishes our strategic direction and helps translate that strategy into action on a performance level

To ensure continued financial success and growth, SUN operates in multiple sectors, including Automotive, aftermarket services, White Goods .This strategy has paid off—for more than 5 years we have experienced double-digit growth due to our unwavering commitment to the right combination of services, industries, locations, systems and people.

Although we have grown significantly in recent years, we have not lost our unique culture—our employees work hard to protect it. We believe that having the best people in the world, and empowering them to excel has made us an industry leader.

Regardless of today’s competitive environment, we endeavor to conduct our business with the highest regard for integrity and business ethics. All employees follow the same basic principles to guide their day-to-day business decisions, including treating everyone with respect, helping create a fun environment for others, agreeing that some issues may be irresolvable, and those disagreements can lead to continuous improvement.

What Makes SUN Unique

  • Our employees are the most skilled and knowledgeable in the industry
  • Seasoned and tenured management team with a disciplined and methodical approach to growing the company
  • Strong set of core values and a culture that encourages a quality-first mentality, customer satisfaction, integrity, continuous improvement, flexibility and collaboration
  • Unique business model that no other electronics manufacturing services provider has been able to replicate
  • Balanced, diversified mix of markets, customers and services
  • Our scale and scope as one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturing services providers allows us to use our size and global footprint to benefit customers and employees