SUN Culture

SUN employees share a common set of values and behaviors that influence how we work, the decisions and products we make, the actions we take and how we interact with one another, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We empower you to act in the best interests of your customers. We expect you to ask questions, challenge assumptions, push boundaries and take initiative to solve your customer’s problems. We have a challenging and fast-paced environment, where innovative thinking and risk-taking are a part of the job.

SUN abides by all health and safety rules applicable to our job and workplaces, and encourage a work environment that is free from intimidation and harassment.

SUN Values

We encourage employees to communicate respectfully, openly and honestly with one another, including supervisors and management. We respect, encourage and welcome employee’s opinions, attitudes and concerns in our continual effort to be simply the best.

SUN values are reinforced in five key focus areas: SUN Culture, Results, Self, People and Strategy.

  • Empowerment & Accountability: Establishes clear accountabilities—who, what, by when, and with what resources; Creates relationships of trust; Empowers others to act; Holds people accountable for accomplishing assigned tasks; Recognizes and rewards excellent performance and service.
  • Continuous Improvement: Obsessively pursues process improvements to reduce cost and create high quality products; Demands a quality-first mentality; Leverages internal and external best practices; Fosters innovative problem-solving.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Excels at listening to customers; Actively seeks to understands customers’ needs in terms of industry context, technology trends and regulatory/compliance requirements; Incorporates expectations of key customers into future solutions; Delivers a standard of service that delights the customers.

It is not enough to get results—it’s about getting results the right way through living our core values every day.

SUN Business Ethics

Our business decisions strive to follow the highest degree of business ethics. We have an obligation to our Partners and to each other to conduct business legally, with the utmost integrity and practice the following business values:

  • Constant Drive for Excellence: Continually strive for excellence and never be satisfied with who we are today, even if we are number one. SUN can, and will, be even better tomorrow.
  • Employees: SUN employees are empowered, dedicated to self-improvement and professional development, and committed to winning … and we have fun doing it.
  • Business Partners: Strategic business partnerships with customers, contacts, vendors and suppliers all produce shareholder value. We must nurture and grow these relationships by conducting our business in a respectful, honest and competitive manner.